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Version history

To find out what version you're using, run dreamcoat.hello().

Yellow (0.2)

Developed for RV Pelagia cruise 64PE517 (26th May to 14th June 2023) in the North Sea, a round trip from Texel, the Netherlands to the Norwegian Trench as part of the NoSE research project.

Adds mapping tools for working with different coordinate formats and calculating distance to shore.

Red (0.1)

Developed for RV Pelagia cruise 64PE513 (10th February to 5th March 2023) in the Atlantic Ocean, a transect from Cape Town, South Africa to Mindelo, Cape Verde as part of the BEYΩND research project.

Creates a set of tools for downloading, processing and plotting subsets of global surface ocean reanalysis / forecast datasets from CMEMS and NASA Ocean Color and sending the data and/or figures by email.