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The joyful oceanographic seagoing expedition planning helper

Dreamcoat is a set of tools to help work with live oceanographic data of the sort that might be needed during a research expedition. At sea, internet bandwidth is usually restricted, so dreamcoat is designed to be remotely usable: it can be left to run on a server on land, which does the heavy lifting in terms of downloading files, producing smaller figures or data subsets that can be automatically sent by email or uploaded to an online repo.

Dreamcoat is being developed by Dr Matthew Humphreys at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Texel. You're very welcome to give it a go and suggestions and contributions are welcome, but please be aware that it is primarily designed as a personal tool so I probably won't be able to help out if you get stuck; nothing is guaranteed not to break between versions, and the documentation may be incomplete or out of date.