Research team

Current PhD students


  • Louise Delaigue is analysing the changing marine carbon cycle in the infrequently sampled southern Indian Ocean, participating in GEOTRACES research cruises to collect new datasets. Supervisory team: Matthew Humphreys (lead) and Gert-Jan Reichart (both NIOZ).

University of East Anglia

  • Ruth Matthews is measuring total CO2 and alkalinity supply to the ocean from UK rivers as part of the LOCATE research programme. Supervisory team: Dorothee Bakker (lead, UEA), Matthew Humphreys (NIOZ), Naomi Greenwood and Silke Kroeger (Cefas), and Richard Sanders (NOC Southampton).

  • Luca Possenti is deploying pH and pCO2 sensors on autonomous ocean gliders in the North Sea. Supervisory team: Jan Kaiser (lead, UEA), Liam Fernand (Cefas), Matthew Humphreys (NIOZ), and Socratis Loucaides and Matt Mowlem (NOC Southampton).

Former students

From 2011 to 2016 I supervised a series of Masters research projects in Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton. Former students who are (to my knowledge!) still involved in scientific research are noted. Some project titles are approximate:

  • Qiu Shuang: Controls on the equatorial Pacific as a source of CO2 to the atmosphere using data from the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT).

  • Li Xue: The northwest European continental shelf in the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT).

  • Yang Yifei: Multi-decadal changes in interior carbonate chemistry in the South Atlantic.

  • Charlotte Miskin-Hymas (now marine data manager at the British Oceanographic Data Centre): Variability of marine carbonate chemistry in the Benguela upwelling region, South Atlantic. See GEOTRACES.

  • Florence Greatrix: The stable isotope composition of dissolved inorganic carbon and anthropogenic CO2 uptake in the subpolar North Atlantic during summer 2014. See DIC stable isotopes.

  • Dr Jan-Lukas Menzel Barraqueta (now postdoc at Stellenbosch University): Marine carbonate chemistry and nutrients on the Extended Ellett Line transect, Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

  • Dr Alex Griffiths (completed PhD at Imperial College London): Accumulation of anthropogenic carbon and acidification of Northeast Atlantic water masses.

  • Harriet Compton: Surface carbonate chemistry in the Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean.

  • Rebecca Conway: Latitudinal gradients in surface ocean CO2 chemistry across the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean.