Moving to NIOZ

I am humbled and delighted to announce that I will be emigrating to the Netherlands later this year to take up a tenure-track independent research position at NIOZ on the island of Texel.

At NIOZ (aka. Nederlands Instituut voor Zeeonderzoek, or the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) I will join the Department of Ocean Systems and continue my research into the changing marine carbonate system, examining how the ocean takes up CO2 from the atmosphere and the biogeochemical consequences of this uptake. The work will first and foremost be based on collecting new observations, using and developing the excellent analytical facilities in the laboratory there. I will begin advertising an ocean-going PhD student position within the next few months.

NIOZ Texel

My departure from the UEA comes earlier than planned, with still about a year’s funding for my current postdoctoral position remaining, so if you have an interest in seawater chemistry then keep your eyes peeled for this job opportunity, which might arise in the not-too-distant future. I intend to stay closely connected with the project that I am leaving, and I will continue to supervise the PhD students that I currently work with at the UEA.

I’m grateful to my colleagues, collaborators, supervisors and mentors past and present for helping and inspiring me to reach this position, and I look forward to working with them and to making many new connections over the years to come. I’m enormously thankful to my family for a lifetime of support and of course my wife Katherine for agreeing to uproot and move to a new country with me.