About me

The main theme of my research is how the ocean responds to ongoing anthropogenic emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

I study the processes that drive anthropogenic CO2 to dissolve into seawater, scrutinise the consequent progress of ocean acidification, and unravel the interactions between the changing carbon cycle and other marine biogeochemical systems.

Tenure-track scientist, NIOZ Texel

Nov 2019 —

Ocean-going, observational carbonate chemistry. The marine carbon cycle under a changing climate and its interactions with other biogeochemical systems and ocean physics, from the shelf seas to the deep open ocean. Developing scientific software for MATLAB, Python and Julia.

Postdoc, University of East Anglia

Nov 2017 — Sep 2019

Marine chemical speciation modelling. Understanding how uncertainties in measurements of aqueous solution properties propagate through into the calculated equilibrium state of seawater. Software development and statistical simulations.

Postdoc, University of Southampton

Apr 2015 — Sep 2017

Calibrating carbonate chemistry measurements for the Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry and RAGNARoCC research programmes. Quantifying seasonal cycles of carbon and nutrients in the northwest European continental shelf sea and across the North Atlantic Ocean. Lab manager for the CO2 Facility.

PhD, University of Southampton

Sep 2011 — Mar 2015

Measuring the marine carbonate system and developing software and theoretical tools to better analyse it. Investigating natural and anthropogenic changes in the oceanic CO2 inventory. Research cruises in the Arctic, North Atlantic, South Atlantic and Southern Oceans for the UK Ocean Acidification and GEOTRACES research programmes.

BA & MSci, University of Cambridge

Oct 2007 — Jun 2011

Four years at Churchill College studying Natural Sciences, specialising in Geology. Two month stint at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences in summer 2010 for my Masters research project and an introduction to the world of observational oceanography.